Photography is art

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photography art

The world of photography has been constantly changing through the years, from black and white photos to colored photos and from filmed cameras to digital cameras. In spite of all these changes, something still remains and that is the love of photographers with this innovative and unique art.

YES! PHOTOGRAPHY IS ART because it has become a way to express an individual’s feelings. Through those captured moments, they could easily interpret the messages behind those pictures which make you appreciate the creativity being poured out by a photographer in a specific picture.

Photography in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, just like in any other places, has become a source of income especially to freelance photographers. There is no doubt that photographers in our place have become fully experienced when it comes to capturing the most epic moments of their clients. Rest assured that it’s not only about the money whenever they press that capture button, they always keep the importance and significance of every image for their clients in mind. A satisfied customer makes a satisfied photographer, a “lacking image” for a client can never bring satisfaction to a photographer.

What do photographers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin consider when it comes to capturing the perfect picture?

The Photographer’s Camera

How familiar are photographers with their cameras? Do they know its special features? Have they tried using their cameras at their very capacities? These are only basic questions which are answered by photographers. Definitely! They should be familiar with the cameras they use. They should know the most convenient brand for them, they should be aware of their camera’s troubleshooting procedures, and they should pay attention on taking care of their cameras and their other equipment since that is also their business.

The Theme

Every photographer needs a theme to construct the perfect picture. If photographers are given a vague idea from their clients, then might as well expect an imprecise output from the entire pictures. Although photographers could always impart their creativity in the photos, they will still prioritize the customer’s opinion before theirs. As goes the saying, “Customers knows best”.

The Perspective, Depth of Field, and Composition

As photographers are given the theme, they will then begin to construct the overall concept of the photo shoot. They could answer questions such as how will they position their camera? Where will they do their photo shoot?  What could be the perfect angle to use? How wide or how narrow should the photos be? What specific elements should be present in each photo? And so on. Photographers must know how to properly organize the placement of each element necessary for a certain picture. They should be able to correlate these elements from one another to create the story of the picture.

The Picture’s Color, Lighting, and Exposure

Color, lighting, and exposure are essential to have well-captured photos. These details show the very life of every image. For example, the vibrancy of the colors could already explain the emotion being expressed in the picture.Let’s just say that color is responsible for making photos exciting, meaningful, secretive, daring, gloomy or a little sober. Adjusting the lighting and exposure of a photo could add to its overall mood. By paying close attention to these details, photographers could already communicate the story on a viewer’s emotional side.

Some may say, “Anyone can be a photographer”. But if a person really takes it to heart, he/she will later realize that PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT THAT SIMPLE.