About Me

Whether you’re a budding amateur or a seasoned professional, capturing the perfect image is a tricky process. Perspective, depth of field, composition, lighting, exposure, aperture—all of these play an important role in capturing an image. Every single detail in photography, no matter how minuscule, is crucial. But it’s important to remember that photography can be whatever you want it to be. Expressing your inner self or simply capturing a moment you’d wish to revisit in the future, photography is a wonderfully versatile branch of artistry. I’m not here to enforce a standard of how all photographers should act. Photography, like many art forms, is about identifying your specific style. Zudio Blog is dedicated to providing helpful advice on how to properly hone your photography skills and your creativity. 

Aside from general photography topics, I have a soft spot for concrete-based architecture. As a concrete construction worker by day, concrete has made its way into my love of photography. Now that I know just how versatile concrete is, I have a new appreciation for fascinating concrete structures across the world. So, if you’re a photographer who appreciates architectural design, I tend to share my photography of concrete structures. If you’re not, don’t worry! I still post about anything and everything involving photography. 

Overall, Zudio Blog is a hub for amateur and professional photographers alike. A place to cultivate new ideas and express creativity. A place for artists.