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What’s new in Photography, 2017?

From generation to generation, there have been multiple changes in terms of the latest in photography. And for the year 2017, these changes became more extreme, more exciting, and more high-tech. Thanks to the evolution of technology, photo shoots and video shoots became lighter and easier to do. In other terms, photography businesses boomed this year and will keep its cards up in the years to come.

As you know from previous years, people only use writing or drawing for showing their feelings but as of today’s generation, photography has also become a part of the list. It’s more than a business to others now, this has also become their way of expressing their feelings or their character may it be photographers or non-photographers. It’s just amazing how it became a medium for expression. No need to write or color, just one press of that capture button and the picture will already show your message to the viewers.

As mentioned earlier, the year 2017 has introduced epic gizmos which made photography more convenient and will most probably upgrade sooner for easier configuration and better output. Here are just a few of those useful items:

You may have seen a drone flying through the air before and you may have mistaken it for a kid’s toy, but it’s actually a photographer’s best friend nowadays. Drones are used for aerial shots such as beautiful sceneries, nature, seas and islands, moving pictures, and etc. These drones require pilots and if you can’t fly it or if you don’t have a pilot for it, you won’t be able to use the drone at its fullest potential or you won’t be able to use it at all.

GoPros are usually used by travellers, extreme sports athletes, and even regular drivers/bikers (alternative for black boxes). These are small digital camera-like gadgets frequently used for taking first person perspective shots. Travellers and athletes use GoPros because basically they are waterproof and very handy so that wherever they go, no matter what the weather condition maybe, they will have a record of their ventures. Drivers use this because of its wide angle function and long battery life so that whenever there are incidents or any unexpected events in the middle of the road, if your vehicle is a witness, drivers could replay their GoPros and use them as evidence for the scene.

Glide Gears
Photographers take good care of their upper body specially the hands, arms, and shoulders. These parts are essential in photography because these are responsible for the outcome of a photo. If you have shaky hands, weak arms and shoulders then expect a blurry photo. That was the struggle before but not anymore. Fortunately, markets today have been selling a “stability set” or what they call “Glide Gears” which is inclusive of gliders, sliders, stabilizers, vest and arms systems, and cranes. These items are helpful in taking stable shots and prevent shaky effects on your photos.

Here are some of the most used visual effects/trends in photography for the year 2017

The 90’s Feels

Yes, you’ve read it right! The 90’s trend has definitely made its comeback in the 21 st century! You can see it anywhere from music videos (Bruno Mars’, “Uptown Funk”), to magazine covers, and even private pictorials (fashion, debut, weddings, etc.).

Panorama or Panoramic Shots
Smartphones have this function in their cameras called “panorama effect” to take 360 degree photos.

These are pictures of too little elements with too much voice.

Photography may just be a usual thing for many but it’s actually quite meaningful for a few.

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